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For over a decade, Attorney Sam McRae and his traffic law firm team have been the go-to Georgia traffic ticket lawyers in the metro Atlanta area. 
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Our Atlanta GA Traffic Ticket Law Firm is a Team

The Atlanta area is too large of a geographical region for only one traffic ticket attorney to cover, so we operate under a team system. Attorney Sam McRae's law firm will be responsible for your ticket case but we work closely with other attorneys to expand our range. 

All of these attorneys have years of experience and some were even trained in traffic law by Attorney Sam McRae himself. Others we team up with because they have special connections to the traffic court your case is being heard. 

So, you can rest assured your case will be handled with the same care and professionalism you would expect if Attorney Sam McRae handled it personally.

Don't Just Plea Nolo

It may seem easier to pay your traffic ticket online or go to court and plead Nolo Contendre, but there are benefits to handling your case correctly.

A nolo plea to a moving violation in Georgia may save you the points, but the traffic violation itself still shows up on your driving record for anyone to see - including insurance companies or employers.

Traffic law in Georgia is a subsection of criminal defense since all traffic tickets are considered misdemeanors. Whether you have been charged with reckless driving or a simple red light ticket, it's worth getting the legal advice of an experienced Georgia traffic ticket lawyer to avoid potential consequences.

Why Hire an Atlanta Traffic Ticket Lawyer

Not every traffic infraction is serious enough to merit hiring a traffic lawyer, but more often than not the benefits outweigh the costs. If you are unsure whether you need a lawyer for your case, call us and we'll let you know. We want to help people get results, not take your money for something not worthwhile.

Keep Your Driving Record Clean

If you already have a clean driving record, you know how valuable it is to keep it that way. 

Whether you want to keep your insurance rates low or your job requires a clean driving record, our ticket lawyers can often negotiate a reduction to your charge that will not report on your driving record.

You know keeping a clean record is  valuable, so call us for legal advice.

Save Your Driver's License

Your driving privilege is often the key to your maintaining your livelihood. 

If you are facing a charge that will result in a driver's license suspension, it is important to consult an experienced traffic court attorney to explore your options. 

We have a solid track record of avoiding license susensions.

Avoid the Hassle Of Traffic Court

Traffic court is a hassle. You waste time. You are stressed because you have no idea what is going on. You may inadvertently mess up your driving record. 

With legal representation, you can often avoid the hassle of traffic court. The vast majority of our clients never set foot inside a traffic court. 

That's an additional benefit to retaining an Atlanta traffic ticket lawyer for your case.
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