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Athens Car Accident Attorney

Car Wreck Stats in Athens, Georgia

As a college town, the Athens-Clarke County area has a high density of inexperienced drivers. This combination of factors results in about 3000-6000 car accidents per year according the Georgia Department of Transportation statistics. (see: County Data Sheets | Georgia Governor’s Office of Highway Safety ( And while serious injuries seem to be trending downward with the application of safe driving technology and reduced drunk driving due to ride share companies in Athens, there are still dozens of serious car accidents annually in the area.

Our Approach to Athens Car Accident Cases

We approach an Athens car accident case like every other injury case. We look to maximize your recovery and know that we will have to overcome strong objections from the insurance companies that do not want to pay full value for injury claims. We find that a thorough investigation of your car accident and your injuries can make the difference and put us on solid ground for a positive outcome in your case.

Investigation and Building Evidence

1. Our investigation into your car accident personal injury claim always begins by listening to you and asking you questions about the accident, your injuries, and the relevant insurance policies.

2. We’ll get the police report and start collecting evidence. We’ll start to gather a list of potential witnesses, some of these witnesses may be listed in the report, others you may tell us about during our initial conversation. We’ll start interviewing these witnesses while the event is still fresh in their memory.

3. We’ll secure videos and photographs in your case – whether this is from dash cam, or security video from nearby businesses and residences – the video can swing the case into your favor.

4. Collecting evidence of your damages. We maximize your potential compensation by gathering the documents like medical bills and paychecks for lost wages that we need to make your claim. We’ll look at property damage during this point.

5. Visiting the car accident scene. In some cases, we can get a full understanding of your car accident by using Google maps, but there are times we need to visit the scene of your accident. While we won’t always hire an accident reconstruction expert due to the cost, we do apply their methods in our investigation.

6. Gather the insurance policies. While you may initially only be thinking about collecting from the at fault driver’s policy, the minimum coverages in Georgia are incredibly low at $25K per person and $50K per accident. This policy can be depleted quickly with even modest amount of medical treatment. So, we look at other auto insurance policies associated with the accident to bring in to stack on top of the at fault driver’s policy. This can be uninsured motorist policies on your own auto insurance or a family members.

Make Our Demand to the Insurance Company for Full Compensation

Once our investigation is complete, and we know what medical care you will require, we make a demand on the insurance company. Our demand will be based in reality and present a strong case for early settlement with the insurance company. We will maximize your recover allowed by the laws of the State of Georgia.

Athen’s Car Accident Attorney

At times, our legal advice may be to file a law suit. We believe in the power of the jury to deliver justice in car accident injury cases. We are the type of auto accident lawyer that is not afraid of a jury trial. The following is a short description of the law suit process to help you understand.

The law suit process can be long and burdensome, even for attorneys. The insurance company is hoping to wear you down so that you will take a smaller settlement. We will put your case on solid legal grounds from the beginning that will withstand their attempts to undermine your fair settlement.

Why You Should Hire Our Athens Car Accident Law Firm

Our firm has been working with motor vehicle accident cases for over a decade in one capacity or another.  Attorney Sam McRae has worked with car wreck cases since the beginning of his career and knows how to investigate them, and how to get full compensation from the insurance companies.

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Our office may be in Midtown of Atlanta, Georgia, but we are personal injury attorneys for the entire State of Georgia. Use our years of experience in your favor and let’s get to work.

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