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If you were injured in an auto accident, contact Attorney Sam,
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Attorney Sam

Sam knows the pain and fear that comes with a serious car accident. At the age of 14 he was a passenger in a head-on collision that resulted in a serious injury that required surgery.

Sam understands that the physical injury from a car crash are sometimes only the tip of the iceberg. The emotional and mental strain may linger for years after the auto accident.

Lucky for Sam, he had a lawyer in the family that was able to pursue his accident claim to full compensation. He used the money from the insurance settlement to finance his education that ultimately lead him to becoming an Atlanta car accident lawyer.

Common Questions Answered by Columbus Car Accident Lawyers

Car accidents are life-altering events. The car wreck is simply the start of what may be a lengthy process of submitting an insurance claim, assessing blame, and, most importantly, obtaining the closure required to move on with one’s life, depending on the car accident injury or injuries.

All car accident victims should seek medical attention right away after the accident to evaluate the degree of physical injuries. However, this can be a costly task that leaves many financially burdened and unable to return to their everyday life. It’s easy to be overwhelmed by the stress of your accident, with medical bills, lost income, and other expenses, so it’s critical to have a competent car accident attorney by your side while you go through the process.

car accident lawyer in Georgia or a personal injury law firm knows that you need the total amount of your compensation to avoid the effects of an unexpected accident. Attorney Sam McRae is well-versed in all elements of auto law, and if a third party tries to deprive you of your deserved compensation, he will fight back aggressively. If you have incurred injuries in an accident that was not your fault, our attorneys can help you. Contact us at (404) 465-4110 for a consultation on your case.

What Is the Average Settlement for a Car Accident in Columbus, Georgia?

It’s difficult to give an average settlement value for a car accident in Georgia. Each case is unique, and it’s impossible to put a figure on it because many personal injury settlements are confidential. The amount of your claim will be determined by your physical injuries, property damage, mental anguish, and other factors.

According to the Insurance Information Institute’s vehicle insurance statistics, the average reimbursement for bodily injuries in car accidents is $18,417. Car accidents are regrettably common, and the amount of compensation plaintiffs receive depends on the severity of the event and how it affected them and their families. An Atlanta car accident lawyer can assist you in negotiating with the other driver’s insurance company and filing a car accident claim in court for total and fair compensation.

Another question that people often ask is how much does a Columbus car accident lawyer cost if they decide to hire an attorney to help them with their call accident claims?

Every Columbus car accident lawyer has a unique approach to legal rates. However, our law firm is keen to provide a contingency fee for these cases. Contact our car crash lawyers in Columbus immediately for all your car crash claims, and we can potentially represent you.

How Do I Settle a Car Accident Claim Without a Lawyer?

Most car accident claims are settled without a trial or legal claim. Insurance companies want to avoid a trial or get any lawyers involved and have the case over and done quickly.

If you decide to settle a car accident or personal injury claim without hiring a lawyer, how you handle the situation in the short term is crucial. Ensure you obtain adequate evidence of the accident scene as soon as possible following the event. You should also:

  • Take photos of any property damage or injuries that may have occurred and the accident scene itself, including any apparent marks on the road or shattered glass from the vehicle.

  • Report the car collision to the police by dialing 911. Ensure to inform the dispatcher if anyone was hurt.

  • Seek medical attention as soon as you’re able to, even if you don’t believe you were hurt. This medical document will be an essential piece of evidence in your lawsuit.

  • Look for eyewitnesses. If somebody was present when the accident occurred, request their contact information and a written report of the accident in a recorded statement that you can use later.

  • Keep your personal information to yourself. Make sure you don’t talk about your accident on social media. It is only your responsibility to disclose the case’s specific informal correspondence.

  • Exchange details with the other driver(s), such as the driver’s name, contact information, and information about the driver’s insurance company.

The validity of the evidence in your case is the second item you should consider. Generally speaking, the more pronounced the fault, the easier your case will be. It’s time to file your claim and move forward with the settlement procedure once you’ve analyzed the damages and examined the preponderance of the evidence.

You want to try to figure out how much your damages are going to cost you (out-of-pocket expenses related to the car accident).

It is not always feasible to calculate an exact estimate of the damages that your accident has caused. However, you can try to estimate the size of your losses by totaling all of the expenses you’ve incurred since the accident. Property damages, that is, the costs to restore or repair your vehicle, lost wages, diminished earning ability, medical bills and treatments for surgeries, broken bones, and any other monetary expenditures connected with getting back to normal after the accident are all things to keep track of.

Anything related to the accident that has a financial cost should be recorded in a continuous tally to determine the cost of your damages.


What Happens After a Car Accident That is Not Your Fault in Columbus, Georgia?

Unfortunately, even if you follow all traffic laws and do everything to keep your passengers and other drivers safe, you may still be hit by a negligent driver. In some circumstances, determining culpability is straightforward, as some drivers dispute it wasn’t their fault.

Here is what to do after you have been involved in a Columbus, Georgia, car accident that is not your fault.

  • Give a Statement to the Police Immediately.

  • Keep any records relating to the accident and keep account of all medical or emergency room visits if you have additional problems following the loss, such as whiplash or headaches.

  • Obtain the information of the other driver and witnesses.

  • The most challenging thing about car accident cases is dealing with insurance companies. After a car accident, contact your insurance company right away. You can call your insurance carrier and file a claim once you are in a safe environment and have received emergency medical attention.

Car accident attorneys can determine the documentation required to support your case and help in navigating local laws and processes to resolve matters of determining fault. Contact car accident lawyer Sam McRae and his Georgia personal injury law office if you have suffered a significant bodily injury due to a car accident at (404) 465-4110.

Our car accident lawyers will analyze every detail of your case to help you develop a strong case. We are here for you and will assist you in obtaining the healing you so deserve. We’ll give you peace of mind by ensuring that your concerns are heard, and we can help you navigate the court process.

What Do You Do After a Car Accident in Columbus, GA?


After an accident in Georgia, you must pull over to the side of the road and wait/call for authorities to come, especially medics. An official record of the accident has to be taken so that the facts and reasons for the accident can be made clear.

A personal injury attorney experienced with motor vehicle accidents can help you in gathering evidence and creating your case. The accident must be reported to the state or municipal highway authority. Aside from the fact that it is the law, it is also to your best advantage to have a police officer arrive at the site of your collision.

After a car wreck, picking the right car accident attorney may be one of the most important decisions. Attorney Sam’s law company has direct experience with the pain of being wounded in a car accident.

Sam and his team help clients who were injured in car accidents, motorcycle accidents, truck accidents, and trailer accidents in claiming compensation to cover medical expenses, rehabilitative care, property damages, pain and suffering, emotional trauma, and current and financial recovery.

We recognize that recovery is more than simply the mending of physical ailments; it also entails healing emotional and psychological wounds. Communication is essential for a successful car accident injury claim and a solid attorney-client relationship. Don’t hesitate to contact us at (404) 465-4110 for a consultation on your case.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Is it worth getting a lawyer for a minor car accident?
Yes. It is worth at least contacting a lawyer after a minor car accident, especially if you sought any medical treatment or think you may need future medical treatment.
Can you sue for negligence in a car accident?
Yes, you can sue for negligence in a car accident if the other party is at fault for the accident.
Should I go to a doctor in a minor car accident?
Yes. You should go to a doctor after a minor car accident if you have any medical problems that concern you. This can include pain such as whiplash that may not appear right away.
What is a good settlement offer?
A good settlement offer covers all of the damages and future damages you suffered from the car accident. This includes medical bills, pain and suffering, and lost wages. A car accident lawyer can help you determine what is a good settlement offer.

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