Attorney Sam

A Georgia car accident lawyer. Attorney Sam McRae represents those injured in car and trucking accidents.
Attorney Sam

Car Accidents

We handle car accident injury cases all over Georgia.

Truck Accidents

Trucking accidents are a big part of our practice.

Personal Injury

We will help you recover the maximum possible.
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I'm Attorney Sam

I'm attorney Sam McRae, but it's okay if you call me Sam or Attorney Sam. I believe it is important for us to be on a first name basis because we are going to do something difficult together. We are going to stand up to the insurance companies.

The insurance companies are corporate bullies. They have more money and more resources than you do, and they have the ear of the politicians to change the laws and rules to their advantage. They will try to use that advantage to force you into taking a bad settlement.

My legal career began as a criminal defense attorney facing down the awesome power of the government on behalf of my clients. We had some wins and some loses, but my clients always knew they had a friend willing to stand by them when their freedom was on the line.

Compared to practicing criminal law, these insurance companies are chumps. Together, we are going to do battle with them. I will always treat my opposing counsel and the courts with respect - but they will also always call me Mr. McRae.

Attorney Sam

Your state-wide Georgia injury attorney. We are here to help because we know how it feels to face down the insurance companies alone.
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